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Tesco Unveils Hudl 2, The Improved Budget Tablet



Hudl 2

Tesco has announced the second-generation of its popular budget tablet Hudl. And, they’re calling it Hudl 2 (sequential lap). The Hudl 2, successor of the original Hudl tablet, is the ultimate game-changer in the market under the budget-gadget tag.

With a complete makeover in design (both hardware and software), Hudl 2 sports a 8.3-inch Full HD screen of 1920×1200 resolution, along with an Intel Atom Quad-Core processor boosting up to 1.83GHz, which is said to be 3x faster than its precedent. With 5MP rear-facing camera and 1.2MP front-facing selfie-tunnel, Hudl 2 promises to last up to 8 hours on full battery.

Hudl Back

The device is optimized with Dolby audio (stereo speakers), dual Wi-Fi band, and of-course the mighty open-source Mobile OS, Android 4.4.2. Hudl 2 comes with an onboard storage of 16GB, allowing you to install up to 32GB of external storage (microSD). Moreover, Tesco Hudl 2 comes preloaded with Parent filter and controls, and is available in 8 different color variants – Zazzy Blue, Zesty Orange, Slate Black, Rocket Red, Tropical Turquoise, Dreamy White, Perky Purple and Bubblegun Pink.

Tesco Hudl 2 is marked to go on sale from October 9 with a (budget) price tag of just £129.

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