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Google, O2 Telefonica and Raspberry Pi Will Support Computer-Centric Skills In UK Schools



Google, O2 Telefonica, and Raspberry Pi will support a £3.6 million educational campaign, partnering with UK’s educational institutes to improve the computing curriculum in England’s primary schools. The campaign aims at connecting technology firms with schools, and giving rise to a number of projects, where schools, universities and tech-business are interlinked.

Universities like Queen Mary University, London and Hertford College, Oxford, will work together with Google to produce essential training materials to promote computer-centric skills. On the other hand, Oxford Brookes University will evolve an online training course, actually a massive open online course (MOOC), for primary school teachers.

For curriculum assistance, O2 Telefonica will come up with a peer-to-peer training service, linear to Raspberry Pi foundation’s partnership with Our Lady’s Catholic High School, Princeton, to support other schools with computer lessons.


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