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Startup Turns Portugal Into The World’s Largest Vehicular WiFi Network



Veniam, a Portuguese startup, is now responsible for turning hundreds of vehicles into mobile WiFi routers in the city of Porto, Portugal, providing free internet to 70,000 people a month. This makes Portugal the home for the world’s largest vehicle-based network.

The startup currently comprises of over 600 such vehicles including buses, cars, and even trucks with WiFi routing technology enabled. These routers just not only provide WiFi hotspots, but also collects the sensor data and transmits it to city offices, helping the city to curate things from health sector to waste disposal.

Veniam recently raised $4.9 million in venture funding and is now headquartered in Mountain View, California. Plus, the company plans to expand this technology across U.S. cities, starting from San Francisco, New York, and Austin.

VIA: Technology Review

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