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Google & Mattel Revive View-Master With Cardboard Virtual Reality



Mattel today revived the 85-year-old toy View-Master, bringing Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) technology to it. The toy company unveiled the new View-Master at World Toy Fair 2015 in Ney York.

The new View-Master provides a 3D view of various sights around the world including the outer space too, thanks to 360-degree photospheres. The toy requires an Android smartphone with the View-Master companion app in action, and can also be paired with different reels, namely ‘experience reel’, for your virtual experience.

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The cardboard-powered View-Master is said to cost around $29.99, and comes with a sample experience reel inside the box. The extra reels cost $14.99 for a pack of three. And regarding the new View-Master’s availability, It’ll hit the market in fall 2015.

VIA / TechCrunch

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