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Microsoft launches Cortana on iOS and Android



Departing from the initial preview, Microsoft’s Cortana has landed on iOS and Android. The virtual assistant is currently available in the US and China on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, it’s a Siri competitor, and Google Now’s too.

Microsoft’s Cortana, regardless of the native voice configuration, is similar to Apple’s and Google’s virtual assistants – except the Notebook stuff – especially Google’s, as it offers information cards.

Cortana has a Notebook feature that beats my favorite Siri and Google Now. The Notebook keeps record of your profile to understand you and deliver answers accordingly in human-like voice; it’s actually a hub for all the information Cortana knows about you.

You can add/edit every bit about yourself in Cortana’s Notebook. Adding your preferred cuisine, for instance, so you can get better restaurant recommendations based on that.

However, you can’t yet toggle system settings like its Windows counter-part.

/ Cortana for Android & Cortana for iOS

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