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Long-lost video shows Steve Jobs launching the NeXT computer



Steve Jobs

A long-lost video footage of Steve Jobs unveiling the NeXT computer at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall in 1988 has made its way to the internet. The video was found by researchers for Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs.

After an extensive search during pre-production of the 2015 Steve Jobs (Sorkin), this long-lost video was tracked down through the efforts of a close-knit network of former NeXT employees. It was recovered and digitized from two VHS tapes, preserved, and restored with help form the following: RDF Productions, SPY Post (A FotoKem Company), Herb Philpott, Todd A. Marks, Perry Freeze, Keith Ohlfs, Tom Frikker. 

The 2.5-hour long video portraits the first public appearance of Steve Jobs since he was kicked out of Apple in 1885.

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