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LG’s 15W Wireless Charging Pad Is Seriously Fast



Wireless charging hasn’t been as approachable as one would think by its name, though we have encountered many notable products for a while now — charging pads or mats, especially — and joining today is LG’s.

LG’s Innotek division takes wireless-charging a step further with the world’s first ever 15W wireless-charging pad. LG’s quick charging pad can charge a phone as fast as when using a wired module since it’s three times faster than regular wireless-charging peripherals; 50 percent of power in just thirty minutes of charge, according to to the company.

LG Innotek Wireless Charging Pad

The company’s Quick Charging Pad makes use of a technology that prevents overheating while charging for the benefit of users’ safety, and works with most of the wireless-charging compatible devices available in the market.

LG’s high-power charging pad will go on sale in North America, Europe, and Australia around the middle of this month, with pricing being a subject to observance as of yet.

/ LG Innotek

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