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New Samsung ad mocks iPhone and Apple fans



Samsung has posted a new ad targeting the entire iPhone line-up from 2007 to the tenth-anniversary iPhone X. It even mocks the iPhone X’s signature notch.

Inspite of being a Samsung ad, it portrays Apple all over the video, mocking Apple’s slow adoption of tech such as wireless charging, facial recognition, more internal storage, and a bigger OLED screen, of course. The ad goes on appreciating Samsung’s efforts to bring in mobile features ahead of Apple. Remember Galaxy Note 7?

While the ad video doesn’t reflect the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 saga, which Samsung reportedly released too early to compete with Apple, it criticizes Apple for being late (and doing things with perfection, of course). Remember Samsung’s facial recognition tech? Probably not, and Apple’s Face ID? Yes, definitely!

What Samsung doesn’t understand here is that releasing something first, and doing it well are two different things. You might wanna take a note, Samsung!

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