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Apple shares the development of Portrait Lighting on iPhone X in new video

The art of portraiture and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.



Apple has posted a new video highlighting the development process of Portrait Lighting on iPhone X. The feature, in particular, is exclusive to iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus as of now. The iPhone 8 Plus has the feature only on the rear-facing camera, while the iPhone X sports it on both front-and rear-end, thanks to TrueDepth camera system.

Apple says it worked with the world’s best photographers and image makers to bring Portrait Lighting to life, combining the “art of portraiture” and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. The official video description is below:

Take a look behind the iPhone X and discover the process we went through to create Portrait Lighting. Combining timeless lighting principles with advanced machine learning, we created an iPhone that takes studio-quality portraits without the studio.

Portrait Lighting has been extensively used in Apple’s marketing campaigns. No wonder why Apple is so proud of it.

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