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Apple discontinues iPhone X, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s

Farewell to the tenth-anniversary iPhone, and the headphone jack.



iPhone X and Tim Cook

Apple has surprisingly discontinued iPhone X, the company’s tenth anniversary iPhone, along with iPhone SE and iPhone 6s/6s Plus. This happened after Apple announced three new iPhones at the Gather Round event on Wednesday.

Apple discontinuing iPhone SE and iPhone 6s feels quite obvious, given how Apple treats aging devices, while the same behavior with iPhone X is a surprising turn. Yes, surprising because the iPhone X launched just last year, and is the only iPhone who’s had such a short lifespan.

With iPhone X and iPhone Xs having similar features (and price point), one can argue that the former could have cannibalized sales for the XS and confused potential customers. Perhaps that’s the case, if pricing wasn’t an issue for Apple to cover the OLED panels at a reduced price.

The iPhone X page from Apple’s website has been removed now, and the links to the X now redirect to iPhone Xs.

Not to forget, the now-discontinued iPhone SE and iPhone 6s/6s Plus are the last iPhones with a headphone jack. This makes Apple’s existing iPhone line-up headphone jack-free (and AirPod-esque).

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