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Apple warns customers not to close MacBooks with a camera cover installed

Apple says customers can trust the green LED indicator beside the camera.



Apple MacBook Pro

A little plastic cover with a sliding mechanism on laptop cameras are very common nowadays due to increasing Camfecting cases. People use camera covers on their desktops and laptops to ensure no one is snooping through their computer’s built-in camera, but closing their Mac notebooks with a cover over the camera can damage the display.

Apple says the clearance between the display and the keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances. Plus, covering the camera can also cause issues with automatic brightness and True Tone. It is revealed in a new support document published over Apple Support.

MacBook Air Camera Indicator Light

Instead of using a cover, customers can trust the LED indicator beside the camera on a Mac notebook that lights up green when the camera is active. The camera can’t be activated without the camera indicator light being turned on, according to Apple.

Mac users can control giving permission to apps to access the built-in camera on any operating system after macOS Mojave. If users need to use covers, Apple suggests a camera cover that’s not thicker than the average piece of printer paper (0.1mm) and does not leave any adhesive residue. It’s also advised to remove the camera cover thicker than 0.1mm before closing the computer.

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