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Apple starts selling refurbished iPhones in Canada

It includes the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, as of now.



Apple iPhone 12 Design

Apple has started selling refurbished iPhones through its refurbished online store in Canada. Customers in the country can now purchase iPhones in a more affordable way from Apple’s official store.

Refurbished iPhones have been a thing in the United States since 2016. Although this is the first time that customers in Canada have access to Apple’s certified refurbished iPhones, they have been offered Apple’s refurbished iPads and Macs for a long time now.

Previously, the customers who wanted to benefit from lower prices on iPhones had to wait for a third-party dealer to list the refurbished/used products in order to purchase them. The arrival of Apple’s refurbished iPhones is expected to minimize the hurdle customers were facing when purchasing the products this way.

Apple is regarded to be on the top of the game when it comes to the refurbishment process as all of its refurbished products, including iPhones, are tested, certified, cleaned, and guaranteed with a one-year warranty. The refurbished iPhones also come with a brand new battery along with a fresh outer shell, providing a brand new device sensation.

Customers are given various options to choose from recently refurbished iPhone models. It includes the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, as of now. The devices come in various colors and storage capacities with up to 560 CAD off the regular price currently.

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