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Twitter launches Communities, allows people to share discussions on a specific topic

Communities on Twitter, finally!



Twitter Android

Twitter has a new and eagerly-awaited feature called “Communities,” hoping to create an alternative to its rivals Facebook Groups, Discord, and Reddit. The feature will allow users to share discussions on a specific topic in the space.

Twitter has made the door open for its users to be invited in the initial batch of this feature. This includes #DogTwitter, #AstroTwitter, #SkincareTwitter, and #SoleFood (a group for sneaker enthusiasts). The company is encouraging users to create one for themselves as well.

According to Twitter, users will be able to self-moderate the community. An invite-only rollout has been made accessible for now. Like other groups, moderators will have the option to create their set of rules and can add or remove members. Admin and moderators have unlimited invites to share, while members are limited to only five invites per community.

iOS users can access the community feature through the navigation bar. Similarly, the web version will have a dedicated “communities” option on the sidebar.

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