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Apple revamps iCloud website experience

The website now offers a simplified Apple experience at a glance.



Apple iCloud Website

After many weeks of beta testing, Apple today launched a new look for The redesigned iCloud website experience is available to all Apple users with an iCloud account. The page has a vibrant background with tiles for your Apple ID account, Photos, Mail, Calendar, and Notes among others.

Apple apps such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Find My are also easily accessible from the new iCloud interface. Moreover, you now have control over your iCloud account settings, which includes details of your iCloud Plus membership and associated storage space right from the dashboard.

On the navigation bar, additional controls like creating a new email, note, calendar event, or reminder are provided on the top-right corner of the screen. All the iCloud services and applications can be arranged in new tiles and also rearranged according to the user’s preference. They can also be moved around to change the size of certain widgets.

Considering these improvements, the updated offers a simplified Apple experience at a glance. You can experience it at

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