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Tesla unveils Qi wireless charger powered by FreePower

It’s priced at $300, and will begin shipping in February 2023.



Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla has unveiled its wireless charging solution for mobile devices. It’s called the Wireless Charging Platform that can charge Qi-enabled devices, so it should be able to charge your iPhone and AirPods, but not your Apple Watch or other wearables.

Tesla’s wireless charger contains a staggering 30 Qi charging coils underneath the sleek alcantara fabric, which will charge your device regardless of its orientation, or where you place it on the mat. The product is designed using FreePower wireless charging technology (formerly known as Aira). Remember what Apple promised in 2018? Well, it could be something closest to AirPower designed by a car manufacturer.

On the mat, you can charge up to three devices at a rate of 15W each. This is less than the 45W maximum charging speed of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra, but it is still respectable when compared to other wireless chargers that are only 5W or 10W. However, the mat appears to be so small that it could be difficult to fit three phones at a time.

Similar products have been made available in the past, but they lacked edge-to-edge coverage and had fewer charging coils. Priced at $300, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is available to preorder and will begin shipping in February 2023.

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