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Apple Invites The Media For September 9th Event




It’s finally official that Apple has to show us something special this september. As it has always been Apple launches new models of iPhones in early september, and this time there’s no exception either. As the rumors have said Apple may launch two big size iPhones, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches to be exact on September the Ninth. We also might get a glance of the new wearable by apple presumably the iWatch. Apple will also show us all the features of iOS 8.

As far as the invitation goes, Apple has kept it clean with a greyscale Apple logo in the Background with 9.9.2014 written in bold and below that it says “Wish we could say more.” Oh boy Apple, the way you tease!

Well, whatever gets launched stay tuned to VertexReport for live coverage of Apple’s Sept. 9 event.

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