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Top 5 Tech To Expect In IFA 2014!



The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin or commonly known as IFA is going to happen on 3rd of september. IFA might not be as flashy or high budget as CES in Vegas, but it host launches of some of the greatest tech products, and here are our Top 5 list of things to look for in this year’s IFA Berlin.

5. Android Wear


Android wear is still in it’s initial phase and there aren’t a lot of hardware still available in the market for Android Wear, but it’s going to change with IFA 2014, as manufacturers like Asus with Asus zen watch, Samsung with Gear S, and LG with it’s G-Watch R which will feature a circular display, and better battery life. Products like these are just the beginning of Android Wear as an Operating system, with the increasing of product catalogue Smart Watch manufacturers might turn their way to Android Wear soon or later.

4. Windows Phone


As Microsoft has announced Windows phone 8.1, and there weren’t a lot of new phones launched with the new OS, IFA 2014 seems a great platform to launch new hardware for windows phone. Nokia lumia 830, yes the phone which was rumored with a huge camera hump, as well as Nokia lumia 730 which will be a low end “Selfie” phone as rumors says might get launched.

3.Sony xperia Z3

Sony Z3


Sony is about to complete it’s Z lineup’s trioligy, and there cannot be a bigger stage then IFA to do that. Yes, it’s official that sony is set to launch the third alteration to it’s Z series the Z3. The Z3 will look reminicent to Z2 but will have improvements like a metal body and improved processors to name a few. Alongside to the xperia z3, sony might also launch a bunch of tablets namely Sony Z3 tablet and Sony Z3 Tablet compact. We hope that the tablets are better than their confusing names. Anyways, Sony might also be launching a new xperia smartwatch and we still don’t know whether it’ll run Android wear or sony’s own skinned interface.

2. HTC Desire 820


Htc is set to launch the first android phone running on a 64 bit processor! Yes, you’ve heard it right Htc will launch Desire 820 which houses a 64-bit snapdragon 615 Octa Core Processor, paired up with Adreno 405 GPU and 1.5 GB of RAM. Well, the desire 820 is the first ray, a whole beam of 64-bit andrid devices might be coming next year as new flagships. Other than the 64-bit Octa Core chip, the device will sport a 5.5 inch LCD screen, 8 MP front and MP rear facing camera, Boom Sound speakers and other Htc goodies.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung has always launched the note line up phones in IFA and this year is also no exception. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is about to steal every other tech’s lime light and shine the brightest this IFA too like it has always been! IFA is about Note and we hope Note 4 won’t disappoint us. The note 4 might have a 5.9 inch display, and samsung is working hard on bringing a 64 bit chip to the note 4, let’s see what we get on 3rd of September!

To sum it this year’s IFA will be as happening as it has always been, with the entry of android wear it seems like wearables are going to play a big role in this IFA, but the product everyone wants to get their hands on is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (The BEAST of a phone!) Well, the countdown to IFA has begun, stay tuned to VertexReport as we’ll be covering every big and small things happening over IFA 2014 live!