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Top 10 iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Mock-Ups



Apple has been bombarded with #bendgate tweets after the discovery of, how easy it is to bend the latest iPhone model, iPhone 6 Plus. Almost all the brands in tech-industry and even some non-tech brands are pushing some interesting tweets mocking-up the bend that iPhone 6 Plus users have been experiencing just after a week of its launch.

Well, Undoubtedly Apple’s most fierce competitor aired the most tough mock-up, even without the #bendgate concern.

10. One more thing – Tim Cook

  9.  Curves in all the right places – CocaCola

8. 360 Bend Lenovo YOGA 2 Pro – Lenovo

7.  We don’t bend, we break – KitKat

6. Our phone doesn’t bend, it flexes…on purpose – LG

5. iPhone 6 RAZR

4. Bend it Like Beckham

3. IceBerger 6

2. iPhone 6 Dali Edition

1.Samsung Note 4  Then and Now – Samsung


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