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Facebook Launches ‘Rooms’ App For iPhone & iPod Touch



Facebook Rooms App

Rooms, a newly crafted iOS app that has just landed on the Apple App Store is grabbing the attention of mainstream media across the web, as It brings back the traditional chat and forum system in a new and tailored way.

With Rooms iOS App, you can easily feed text, images and videos with other members of the Room you’re into. Facebook Creative Labs’ Rooms app is the first one with which you can have different display names for different Rooms. In addition to that, the app allows you to perform tons of desired cuttings such as customized member permissions, changeable emoji on your like button, ability to create custom ‘pinned’ messages and many more.

Following the legacy of other Facebook products, Rooms mobile app also goes to be independent with no native social network tie-up. Here’s what Facebook writes on Rooms iPhone and iPod Touch app:

Facebook’s Rooms iOS App

* Pick a topic: Create a home for people who are as into the topic as you are.
* Customize the look and feel: Pick a color, choose an emoji for your like button, and more!
* Be whoever you want to be: Choose nicknames for yourself, real or made up.
* Share with others: Invite other people so you can share photos, videos, and notes with them.

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