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Chrome Remote Desktop App Now Available For iPhone & iPad



Chrome Remote Desktop is actually a wonderful service launched late last year, allowing you to use your computer from your Android device, no matter how far you’re from your computer in the real world. And today, Google has launched an iOS client for the same service.

The iOS app for Chrome Remote Desktop is much similar to its Android sibling in terms of set-up module, and works flawlessly on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, at least on my iPhone. In order to use Chrome Remote Desktop service, you’ll have to get its extension installed on your computer, and authenticate it with Chrome Remote Desktop’s mobile client on your phone. And after that, you’re just ready to rock.

Chrome Remote Desktop is currently available for both iOS and Android from their respective marketplaces, Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Interested readers can follow-up the buttons embedded below for more information.

[button size=”large” url=”″ text=”Chrome Remote Desktop for iPhone” target=”_blank” color=”orange”]

[button size=”large” url=”” text=”Chrome Remote Desktop for Android” target=”_blank” color=”orange”]

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