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Yahoo’s New Mobile Developer Suite Now Available!



Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference

Yahoo today at its first ever Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco introduced five new products for mobile app developers. The development tools combine the features of Yahoo and Flurry, alongside some of Yahoo’s last year’s acquisitions.

Name-wise, the new mobile developer suite comprises of Yahoo Analytic Explorer, Flurry Pulse, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo Search in App and Yahoo App Marketing. Lets tear it down manually.

Yahoo Analytics Explorer is an easy-to-use data dashboard, which returns insights in seconds. It’s actually a revamped version of Flurry Analytics with improved and extended capabilities. Linear to it, we have Flurry Pulse that allows developers to share app signals with partners, using the Flurry SDK implementations. Yahoo says you just need to push a button to start the developer preview.

Using the same Flurry SDK, Yahoo App Publishing lets developers to integrate native high-quality ads into their apps through Gemini Ad Platform and BrightRoll Video Ad Platform. These are the same tools that Yahoo uses to monetize its apps, and now, it’s making it available to all developers.

Plus, developers can now fit Yahoo Search straight into the app, thanks to Yahho Search in Apps, as it becomes an additional monetization and gears up the whole user experience. The search SDK is currently in preview. And finally there’s Yahoo App Marketing that lets developers to “gain exposure to an enormous audience of highly engaged and active users across desktop, mobile and social.”

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