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YouTube For Android Gets Native Video Trimmer




YouTube’s latest Android app update lets you easily trim videos inside the app, offering an inline preview feature to test your edited video cuts. Well, this is a much awaited feature for YouTube mobile app, but sadly, is Android-only at the moment.

The latest YouTube android app now shows off a new video timeline that lets you select the beginning and ending points of your video. The action goes precise as holding up the video trimmer gives you a closer view of the frames. After fixing your start and end points, you can preview the video prior to uploading it.

We’re proud to introduce a new video-trimming feature and inline video previews for our app.  Now you can select the exact frame where the video starts and ends, giving you precise control of your trims in a simple, intuitive way.  Additionally, there is now an inline video preview before the video is uploaded.  And with faster upload capability, it’s never been easier to upload your YouTube videos on-the-go!

The update is gradually being rolled out to Android users, whereas the iOS users are currently running out of luck. Hit the link below to grab the latest version of YouTube Android App.

[button size=”large” url=”” text=”YouTube Android App” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]

SOURCE / +YouTube Creators

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