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Registration For Google Code Jam 2015 Is Now Open



Google Code Jam 2015 is now open for registration! Eligible candidates, especially professionals and students who can code, can register for the 12th annual Google Code Jam.

This year’s Code Jam introduces a new competition track, Distributed Code Jam, designed to test coders’ skills in working for a distributed environment. Being a part of the original Code Jam, Distributed Code Jam is entertained to the Code Jam participants only.

The Distributed Code Jam will kick off on June 14, and you’ll be required to clear Code Jam Round 3 to enter the Distributed Code Jam.

Participants at the Google Code Jam are likely to go one-one as there are many algorithmic problems to solve. The winner of the Code Jam will grab a grand prize of $15,000 USD, while the Distributed Code Jam winner will intake $3,000 USD.

In order to register for the Google Code Jam 2015, you must be 13 or above. Registration has already kicked off and will remain open until April 11, exactly a month from today. The qualification round will be on April 10, followed by the finals on August 14 and 15. Full schedule for the Google Code Jam 2015 is available here.

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