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Samsung Pay: Samsung’s New Mobile Payment Service



Samsung’s latest announcement is not a surprise, not to me at least, as the company unveiled a new mobile payment service called Samsung Pay at Mobile World Congress. Undoubtedly, Samsung Pay is a rival to Apple’s existing Pay service.

Samsung Pay will let users make payments via the soft-service itself, instead of using payment cards. Marking the note, Samsung Pay is world’s first widely accepted mobile payment gateway, as it supports both MasterCard and Visa.

“Samsung Pay will reinvent how people pay for goods and services and transform how they use their smartphones,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “The secure and simple payment process, coupled with our robust partner network, makes Samsung Pay a truly game-changing service that will bring value to consumers and our partners in the ecosystem.”

With few simple steps in action, users can easily add payment cards to the Samsung’s Pay app and authenticate with the fingerprint sensor. Once added, simply swipe up from the bezel and choose the desired parent card. And it’s done!

Samsung Pay will launch in the US and Korea this coming summer, followed by Europe and China.

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