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Google releases Material Design Lite for websites



Google has introduced Material Design Lite (MDL), a framework agnostic that brings Material Design to the Web using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This will definitely maintain a sort of uniformity among Android Apps and Websites.

Material Design Lite - Blog

MDL measures under 27KB gzipped, and uses Paper elements built with Polymer, which lets developers pick individual elements of Material Design to craft materialistic sites if the entire code is not complementary to their needs.

Material Design Lite - Dashboard

MDL includes a variety of Material Design components, including buttons, text-fields, tooltips and spinner. Alongside a responsive grid and breakpoints that adapt Material Design guidelines. The lite suite works best on modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Google has made some MDL templates to showcase the range of sites that can be created using MDL. The templates can be downloaded from here.

Interested ones can head over to GitHub for MDL source code, however Google suggests to reference MDL via its CDN.

SOURCE / Introducing Material Design Lite

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