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InstaMeme, the best app for you to generate MEMES is finally here!



Memes are a great way to make fun of or to convey some message to a particular person or an ‘organisation’ without directly hurting them, instead making them have a laugh about it. With the advent of websites like 9gag and 4chan, memes are being created and uploaded every second.

Memes and trolls are now ruling over the internet, every social sites like facebook and twitter are being filled with more and more memes, making puns and ridiculous jokes. In fact, these days I see more memes than selfies on my facebook feed.

meme on phone

But how can you make a meme of your own. Well there are online generator websites which lets you do it, but it’s very time consuming and very hard to do it on a phone. However Fawesome Apps have come up with an android app called InstaMeme that lets you generate memes on your phone effortlessly.

InstaMeme UI

InstaMeme offers over 1,000 meme templates and you can even import a picture from your own gallery or take a photo and use it to generate a meme (who knows, one day one of your own pictures could become a viral meme over the internet).

InstaMeme has arranged memes in alphabetic order in the home screen. It also has a search option on the top which lets you search for the meme you want. However the search engine is basic, that is you have to type the correct name of the meme in order to find it. It would be more handy if they could add some sort of tagging mechanism to each meme template so that if you are searching for philosoraptor meme template, searching for terms like ‘raptor,’ ‘dinosaur,’ ‘confused,’ ‘thinking’ would bring up the correct result. Not everyone knows the name of every meme and it’s very time consuming as well as difficult to browse through all the memes in home page in order to find the one you need.

InstaMeme editor

InstaMeme features a lot of customizing options. You can change the size of the font, intensity of brightness of the font, color of the font, color of the border of the font and even the font itself, however as of now only three fonts are available.

The only one drawback I found is that there is no option to change the size of font on the top and bottom portions separately, that is if you change the size of text on the top portion of the meme, the bottom portion also changes. Other than this the customizing option are excellent.

InstaMeme Share

There also seem to be a bug with the app, that is after you have finished making meme, it seems you can’t press the ‘Done’ button without first sharing it on facebook or twitter. Still there is a work around for this issue, all you have to do is press on ‘Other Sharing Options’ and press back and you can see the ‘Done’ button is enabled and you can finally save your work without needing to shared it on any social networks. I am really not sure whether it’s a bug or that’s how the app is. Also internet connectivity is a must for this app in order to download the templates, however if you are importing the template from your phone gallery, you are good to use the app offline.

Apart from these few things, InstaMeme is the best and straight forward meme generator app available on the Android Market which lets you share memes with your friends and over social networking sites. Go ahead and download InstaMeme right itself and put your heads in to making new awesome memes.

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UPDATE: Actually there is an option available to change the size of font on both top and bottom portions separately, you can do it by pressing unlock button on the top right corner in the app customization screen.

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1 Comment

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