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Google Updates Android Wear With Interactive Watch Faces



Google has updated Android Wear with interactive watch faces, bringing at-a-glance experience to many useful things. The update makes it easier for Android Wear users to stay connected.

With the latest Android Wear update, users can glance information such as weather, mail, fitness stats with just a single tap. While the Together Watch Face lets users share stuffs like photos and emoji through the watch face itself.

Google explains the new watch faces – Bits, Under Armour and Together – below:

Bits: Choose the info you want at a glance—from weather, to unread mail, to upcoming meetings. Want to know this afternoon’s weather forecast? Just tap on the weather complication.

Under Armour: Stay motivated with fitness stats on your wrist. Tap the watch face to see your step count, calories burned, and distance.

Together: Android Wear’s Together Watch Face lets two people stay close throughout the day by turning the entire watch face into a space for sharing. Once you’ve paired your watch face with a partner’s, you’ll be able to share things like photos and emoji, as well as your activities (like if you’re working out, on the phone, or stuck in traffic).

Google has also included better support for its Translate service, featuring on-the-go translation without any host app. A tweet from Google clearly explains the feature.

The interactive watch faces, Bits, Under Armour and Together, will be rolling out to all the Android Wear watches in the coming weeks.

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