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OnePlus 2 is coming to Colette in Paris on August 11



OnePlus fans will be able to purchase the OnePlus 2 on August 11, Tuesday without an invite, but only in France. The Chinese vendor is holding a ‘limited stock’ sale for OnePlus 2 in Paris, France on that date.

From OnePlus:

Design has always been important to us — it’s one of the reasons OnePlus was founded, to create beautifully crafted devices. That’s why colette, with a reputation made from their idiosyncratic shop windows and impeccable fashion curation, felt like the perfect temporary home for the OnePlus 2.

The sale will begin at 11am local time and will last until the stock finishes. The OnePlus 2’s going for the sale at Colette’s Paris Store is “very limited” in quantity, says OnePlus. So it’s better to arrive as early as possible on the spot.

/ OnePlus Blog

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