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Meet Facebook’s Signal, an app exclusively for Journalists



Facebook has launched Signal for journalists, a new platform that makes news-gathering easier. Signal is a free discovery and curation tool exclusively for journalists, allowing them to find newsworthy items from both Facebook and Instagram in a single frame.

Facebook Signal

With Signal desktop-only app from Facebook, journalists can track the popular and trending items on Facebook, and can also view lists of public figures being ranked on the basis of mentions to their profile in real-time.

And on Instagram board, journalists can filter images and videos related to specific hashtags, or ssociated with specific accounts. Whether it’s a Facebook post or Instagram media, journalists can save them for later use in custom collections, too.

Facebook Signal App

Moreover, Facebook has made Signal APIs embeddable, meaning journalists can easily integrate content feeds into their coverage. This feature comes handy for specific event coverage.

Facebook’s Signal is available to journalists for free. Journalists can request access to Signal from here.

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