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YouTube Brings Virtual Reality Video Support For Android




YouTube adopted the 360-degree video format in March this year, and now the company is adding support for Virtual Reality (VR) video.

VR video makes you feel like you’re actually there, making near things look near and far things look far. Just choose a VR video – like the Hunger Games Experience – and select the Cardboard option (icon). After that, fit your handset into Google Cardboard (or any other smartphone-powered headset). Enjoy!

In addition, you can now watch regular YouTube videos via Google Cardboard headset. Simply select the Cardboard symbol from the video’s watch menu page, and you’re good to go.

Both of these updates are available in the form of YouTube’s latest Android app. We expect to see this update on iOS soon. Download YouTube for Android from the link below.

[button size=”large” url=”” text=”YouTube for Android” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]

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