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Meet Fuse, UX tool suite from the future!



Fuse, a new and powerful UX tool suite, recently occupied a space on my Mac; and I’m already getting used to it.

Fuse isn’t just a mobile app prototyping tool, it’s more than that. The toolkit, specifically for mobile app designers and developers, lets you create native, cross-platform mobile apps.

The software aims at connecting the dots between app prototyping and development, with production-ready mobile apps in the end – for iOS and Android – providing a smooth design and development workflow.

Fuse Designer & Developer

With Fuse tools, developing mobile apps is similar to how designers design in Photoshop, Sketch, or After Effects, offering a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)-type backend.

Fuse Multiple Devices

Noting one of its key features, the Fuse toolkit supports real-time app editing across multiple devices, meaning the changes you make on the desktop emulator are pushed to the connected mobile devices instantly. No recompiling required for specific edits!

The human interfaces are fetched in markup language called UX markup, while the app logic is written in reactive JavaScript. The UX markup doesn’t just render static elements, but also incorporates gestures and motion.

Fuse Inspector

There’s also a set of visual tools, if you’re uncomfortable with UX markup. All of these are later compiled into native platform code to obtain production-ready apps, rather than just beautiful, yet dumb, prototypes.

Fuse is compatible with Photoshop and Sketch assets, with more features likely to roll out in the coming days.

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The flexible toolkit can be extended using Uno, a C#-dialect. More information on under-the-hood gigs available here. You can also download Fuse examples from the company’s curated grid.

Expect to encounter bugs, as Fuse is currently in beta (open). The Fuse toolkit is available to Mac and Windows users at the moment.

You can get started with Fuse here.

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