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Steve Jobs signed check goes up for auction, starting at $20,000

A rare Steve Jobs autograph.



Steve Jobs Check Auction

An original Bank of America check signed by Steve Jobs back in 1988 is up for auction. The auction is organized by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, a leader in auctioned documents and autographs.

The $2,000 check was a receipt to Tina Redse, Jobs’ girlfriend at that time, dated March 11, 1988. The check has Jobs’ signature, ‘steven jobs’ in the signature line, along with his phone number and address. The bidding starts at a mere $20,000 and is open until February 23, a day prior Steve Jobs’ birthday.

Very scarce check signed by Steve Jobs, made out entirely in his hand to his girlfriend Tina Redse. Dated 11 March 1988, Jobs writes the check for $2,000 to Redse, singed ”steven jobs” on the signature line. At this time, Jobs was launching NeXT, and possibly engaged to Redse, who had a tumultuous relationship with the tech magnate throughout the 1980s before they broke off their engagement in 1989.

If you’re interested in placing bids, make sure you do that within the timeframe. More details about the auction can be found here.

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