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Apple disables Group FaceTime following a serious bug, will issue a fix later this week

Stay away from FaceTime until later this week. Simply turn off.



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The internet is trending with a major FaceTime bug discovered in iOS 12.1 earlier today. It allows you to listen to the person you’re calling even before they answered the call. Scary? Yes, it is.

Apple’s FaceTime bug doesn’t only hold to the audio transmission, though. Pressing the power button while you’re on the FaceTime answering screen can expose the video feed to the caller. Even if you dismiss the call, it will send the video feed. The audio eavesdroping was first spotted by 9to5Mac, and later The Verge noted the same with the video feed.

Apple said it will issue a fix for the FaceTime bug “later this week.” In the meantime, the company has temporarily disabled the Group FaceTime calling feature, as mentioned on Apple’s system status page. FaceTime users are advised to turn off FaceTime on their devices until Apple comes up with a fix.

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