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Instagram now lets you see who you interact with the most and least

Look at all those ‘stay in touch’ promises you made.



Instagram Most and Least Interacted

Instagram has added a new feature that lets you sort through the accounts that you’re following. The sorting options include “Most shown in feed” and “Least interacted with,” and they do exactly what they sound like.

With these two new categories on top of your following screen, you’ll be able to perform quick actions such as change your follow status, or mute an account. The update is pushed server-side, meaning you don’t need to look for an app update rather just force close the app and reopen it, if it’s not visible on your phone.

Instagram looks for last 90 days of activity to sort the accounts that are shown in these new categories. Though this is simply a filter, it does bring important details to our attention. You can now know if you’re spending more time interacting with brands or with your friends on Instagram.

/ The Verge

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