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Apple TV Plus now available for free on American Airlines flights

No subscription required at all.



Apple TV Plus

American Airlines’ passengers will now get a new in-flight entertainment alternative, with Apple TV Plus shows available during flights. Passengers can watch the shows on their own mobile device or on seat back screens at no additional cost, as spotted by The Points Guy.

The extra viewing option provides full access to the Apple TV Plus streaming service for free, with a variety of Apple original shows preloaded. The shows will simply be included in the onboard entertainment systems of American Airlines’ planes. Anyone can access the content regardless of whether they’ve an existing Apple TV Plus subscription or not.

This will be serviceable to Apple as it will help promote its video-streaming platform. Apple had previously partnered with American Airlines to offer free Apple Music streaming on domestic flights in the US. The free streaming, however, was limited to Apple Music subscribers, only the WiFi access was free.

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