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Google introduces new critical security alerts

The company is adding more security layers to protect user privacy.



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Google published a blog introducing its new security feature that will notify users in case of any critical issues. Back in 2015, Google started Android alerts to warn its users about the issues in their account. The critical alerts feature is an improved and redesigned version of the same.

Users will now automatically receive security alerts within the Google app they are using if Google detects any account-related issue. Google says the feature will be launching soon. It will be easier for users as they don’t have to check email or phone alerts like they do now. In addition to ease of use, users can completely rely on critical alerts for their account safety. It can withstand any spoofs, as the notifications come directly from Google.

The feature will start rolling out from next week. However, Google explains that the rollout will be limited and only be full fledged early next year. Along with this, Google will also be introducing Guest Mode for Assistant in the coming days. Through Guest Mode, users can interact with Google Assistant without having to worry about their conversation being saved. As Google describes there are moments when users don’t want the conversations they had with their Assistant saved.

There’s already an option to manually delete what users said to the Assistant. Location history data will be editable in Timeline as well. Plus, a security and privacy setting panel will pop up from today when users search anything related to google security in Search.

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