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Instagram adds new features to support users affected by eating disorders

Tap on the blue “Get Resources” button to get help from experts or a friend.



Instagram Supporting People Affected By Eating Disorders

Instagram is adding new resources for users affected by negative body image or eating disorders. Whenever users search for eating disorder-related content on the app, it will direct them to helpful expert resources.

Having users’ health in mind, Instagram doesn’t allow to promote self-harm and eating disorders related pots on its platform. Now with the addition of this feature, you can tap on the blue “Get Resources” button to get help from experts or a friend.

While we don’t allow content that promotes or encourages self-harm and eating disorders, we do allow people to share their own experiences and journeys around self-image and body acceptance. We know that these stories can prompt important conversations and provide community support, but can also be triggering for some. To address this, when someone tries to search for or share self-harm related content, we currently blur potentially triggering images and point people to helpful resources. However, we’ve heard from experts that we would support people more if we made available dedicated resources to cope with eating disorders or body dissatisfaction, which is why we are introducing new resources specific to body image issues.

The company also stated that it will host feedback sessions with community leaders and experts globally to get more information about the issues of eating disorders. It is working with NEDA to share programming during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in the United States for the third year in a row.

Instagram will also allow users to contact the local eating disorders hotlines in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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