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Tim Cook says Apple is ‘not against digital advertising,’ believes in transparency

“Do we allow the building of this detailed profile to exist without your consent?”



Tim Cook

There have been several backslash and controversies over Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency policy. Ahead of the App Tracking Transparency launch with iOS 14.5, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Toronto Star, a Canadian newspaper that Apple is “not against digital advertising.”

We’re not against digital advertising. I think digital advertising is going to thrive in any situation because more and more time is spent online, less and less is spent on linear TV. And digital advertising will do well in any situation. The question is, do we allow the building of this detailed profile to exist without your consent?

Cook told the publication that users should have control and transparency on how their data is being used for targeted advertising. This feature will help users “better understand how third-party companies track their information across apps and websites,” according to Apple.

Starting with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, which is expected to launch in a few weeks, Apple will require apps to receive user’s permission to track their data. If a user declines, then the app can’t use their data for targeted advertising, which could affect the ad business.

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