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Apple Now Accepts Swift-Coded iOS Apps In The App Store



Apple Swift

Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X, Swift has finally reached GM (Gold Master) stage. The long-awaited language is almost ready to work flawlessly for iOS and OS X programs.

The Cupertino company is now accepting Swift-coded iOS apps for the showcase in the App Store. Well, Apple’s Swift is actually an upgrade to Objective-C for iOS and OS X development. Though, the developers can use both languages within a single app to craft it.

Swift on iOS has already received the ‘GM’ label, where as the GM date for Mac is yet to roll out. Apple says that, Swift on OS X will get the GM version along with the OS X Yosemite’s launch, later this fall. However, you can still code with Swift for Mac apps from Xcode 6.1 Beta.

[Source: Swift Blog]

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