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Mark Rober Details On Stealing ATM Pin Code With An iPhone [Video]



Mark Rober explains the ATM pin code stealing process with an iPhone, a big hand goes to the Infrared (thermal) Technology. Not good for us but, It’s really easy for thieves to steal our confidential ATM pin code, especially with this iPhone kit.

Well, an Infrared Camera is the main player here, which simply captures all the thermal signature left by us while entering the pin code on the ATM machine, actually. The keys pressed at first are likely to be ‘dimmer’ than the keys pressed at the last.

However, this trick is limited by the time. Since the heat signatures gradually fade with respect to time, we can only observe these signatures for a certain period and after that, it simply disappears. And, It’s also not supported on metal keypads. This method of stealing is actually based on a very useful research study by some science experts at UC San Diego. Anyways, Have a look on Rober’s explaining the prevention of this trick, right after the fold.

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