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Mozilla Demos Firefox’s New Search Interface



Few days ago, Mozilla tied an Mozilla & Yahoo Partnership with yahoo to render a better web-search experience, and today, the company just pushed a demo of its revamped search.

Published on itsblog, Mozilla details Firefox’s new and default search arena. Firefox now places an improved ‘search suggestion’ field right below the search box, and gives a square space for alternative search engines and custom sites such as eBay, Wikipedia, Twitter and more.


Mozilla Firefox still allows you to minus or plus search engines from the browser’s search preference. For instance, if you’re a web-developer then you might wanna have MDN or StackOverflow under your one-click search pane on your Firefox.


Still there’s no ETA or announced date for this updated Firefox browser, however, we can expect it on our launchpads this fall December when Yahoo and Mozilla kick-start their 5-year long partnership.

Source: Mozilla Blog

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