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Google Translate Now Supports 10 More Asian & African Languages



Google today added support for 10 new languages in its language translating tool, Google Translate, increasing the number of total supported languages to 90. The internet-giant thanks Translate Community contributors for the attachment of these 10 new Asian and African languages.

Google says that the attachment of these 10 new communicating mediums will enable 200 million more people to translate text to and from their native languages.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.04.12 AM


These 10 new languages are live and ready-to-use on Google Translate Web App where as the Google Translate Mobile App and Chrome will will get them shortly in an update. Below we’ve embeded the list of newly added languages, have a look.

[toggles style=”toggles”][toggle title=”Africa”]

1. Chichewa
2. Malagasy
3. Sesotho


[toggles style=”toggles”][toggle title=”Asia”]

4. Malayalam
5. Myanmar
6. Sinhala
7. Sundanese


[toggles style=”toggles”][toggle title=”Central Asia”]

8. Kazakh
9. Tajik
10. Uzbek



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