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26 Google Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About!



Ever wondered where did the term Google come from? Well, I did and guess what? It’s just a misspell of a mathematical term – Googol. According to WhoIsHostingThis‘ s infographic which briefs 26 crazy facts about the search engine giant Google, a story suggests; once a Google investor misspelled the term ‘Googol’ as ‘Google’ on a check and since then, ‘Googol’ got ditched for ‘Google.’

The infographic really consists of interesting facts under the hood, among them one graphs the time when Yahoo proposed a $3 Billion acquisition deal back in 2002 to acquire Google which is now worth $400 Billion.

Along with the interesting content pack, the infographic features an attractive design to look at. Have a look on the full bone infographic right after the fold (the image speaks itself).

26 Crazy Google Facts

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