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Facebook’s Highlights Of 2014 Illustrates Your Memories In A Video!



We’re just few countable days away from the new year – 2015, and Facebook is up again with its new and enhanced ‘Year In Review‘ for its users celebrating new year this fall.

This year’s Year In Review shows off your shared photos and text from each month of 2014 in a good looking video archive. Plus, the customization options available are large in numbers, meaning you have more transitions and effects under the hood to choose from.

You can share your video highlights after composing it from your mobile device, as this feature is much comfortable on mobile at the moment. Users operating from desktop are currently not able to fully customize their reels, only mobile users have full accessibility on that, however your friends can view your highlights both on mobile and web.

As TheNextWeb points, In order to use this feature, you’ll first have to view someone else’s Year In Review video and then only you can get your memories framed. Facebook is rolling out this feature gradually so it might not work flawlessly for some at the moment.

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