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OnePlus Introduces The OxygenOS Team



OnePlus recently teased us with its in-house Android ROM’s name, calling it OxygenOS, and now, the company has introduced the team behind OxygenOS.

OnePlus’ OxygenOS comprises of four lead geniuses from Paranoid Android custom ROM, including the ROM’s co-founders Aaron Gascoigne and Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo. The chinese-startup has appointed Arz Bhattia (from India) as the lead UI/UX Designer, Helen (from Canada) as the Head of Mobile Product, and Aron (from USA) as the Android Technical Lead. Plus, there are 50 more people to compliment them.

OnePlus OxygenOS Team

The company says that the OxygenOS will ship with a clean UI, enhanced battery life, and performance skills, though the OS will not be an Open-Source dish to taste. Yes, you read it right, the OxygenOS will be a ‘real OS’.

Official from OnePlus:

There are various certifications that must be completed before releasing a Lollipop-based ROM, and this takes some time. Because this is our first major software release, we have to ensure that everything is solid and stable before making it available for download. We wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less, and we appreciate your patience.

As of now, OnePlus is up with a stable build that is currently in testing phase, however, there are some certificate issues standing between it and the public release. It’ll be fair to expect OxygenOS on our OnePlus One’s OTA update menu soon!

SOURCE / OnePlus

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