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YouTube For Kids Will Arrive On February 23



Google on February 23 will release a kids version of YouTube app, reports USA Today. The app is said to be free and will run on Android at launch, sorry iOS.

The app will be separate to the main YouTube app, and will feature only kids-specific content. Kids can type to search, or use their voice to look for videos. They won’t be able to get search results for inappropriate search terms such as “sex,” instead, they’ll be welcomed by a pop-up reading “Try something else” message.

YouTube Kids Screen

In addition, Parents concerned about their child’s screen time can set a time-specific password and when the set time is over, kids can no longer access the app without the password. YouTube for Kids will arrive on Google Play Store this Monday, February 23. And will be limited to Android users in terms of access, at least for now.


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1 Comment

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