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Apple ResearchKit: An Open-Source Software Framework



Apple has announced an open-source software framework called ResearchKit that lets you easily send your health insights to medical institutions and researchers for diagnosis. This is really a good step after the HeathKit suite.

With ResearchKit deployed apps in use, you’ll be able to crowdsource your real-life health data virtually, and also decide how the data is shared. The ResearchKit apps utilizes your iPhone’s sensors to track your health activity. You need to sign-up to enroll into the program.

“iOS apps already help millions of customers track and improve their health. With hundreds of millions of iPhones in use around the world, we saw an opportunity for Apple to have an even greater impact by empowering people to participate in and contribute to medical research,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations. “ResearchKit gives the scientific community access to a diverse, global population and more ways to collect data than ever before.”

Apple says it’ll not see your medical information, meaning you can directly share it to ResearchKit partners around the world, including the top researchers from USA, Europe and Asia.

ResearchKit software framework will be released sometime in April, meanwhile, you can look for ResearchKit apps on the App Store. More information available here.

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