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Facebook Introduces Messenger Platform & Businesses On Messenger



David Marcus

At F8 Facebook Developer Conference 2015, Facebook introduced a new platform for developers to create apps that integrate with Messenger – Messenger Platform. It’s a step forward to make Messenger more than just text-native communication medium.

Messenger Platform comes with over 40 apps at launch, alongside support for GIFs, photos, videos and more, to further enhance the Messenger experience. The composer itself is expanded so users can explore new apps right within the Messenger.

Messenger Platform Apps

Tapping on the reply button of a sent message from a Messenger Platform app will take you to the app to find the right response. Official list of available Messenger Platform apps can be found here. The apps are now available for public use, and developers can start building on Messenger Platform right away. The update is already in the run for both iOS and Android. Grab it now!

Alongside Messenger Platform, Facebook also previewed Businesses on Messenger, a new feature that takes communications and interactions between people and businesses to the next level.

Businesses On Messenger

Businesses on Messenger lets you have somewhat personal conversations with businesses. For instance, after purchasing an item from a website, people can easily subscribe for future updates in Messenger.

Businesses on Messenger isn’t a public affair just yet, but it’ll launch soon with a couple of partners.

SOURCE / Facebook Newsroom

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