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Facebook Riff Is A New Way To Create Collaborative Videos



Facebook Riff

Riff, a new app from Facebook Creative Labs, lets you create videos with friends in a collaborative way. Though, the app was released on April 1, it’s not an April Fool’s day prank.

Anyone can start by creating a video. All you have to do is give it a topic, like #AprilFools, then your friends can view it and choose to add their own clips on that topic. Once a friend adds a clip to your video, your friend’s friends will also be shown the video in Riff and will be able to add to it. The potential pool of creative collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends that you can share to Facebook, or anywhere on the internet, at any time.

Facebook Riff Sample

Once you add a video with some hash tags assigned, your friends will be able to view and edit it with their own video clips. The videos (or Riffs) can be shared on either Facebook or the web. Here’s a sample Riff.

Facebook Riff is available on both iOS and Android. Follow the download buttons below.

[button size=”large” url=”″ text=”Facebook Riff for iOS” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]

[button size=”large” url=”” text=”Facebook Riff for Android” target=”_blank” color=”red” ]

SOURCE / FB Newsroom

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