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Android M – Top 5 New features



At the Google IO Developers conference Google unveiled the next version of Android, Android M. Last Year Android Lollipop Changed the look and feel of the OS, and this year Google polished the OS by releasing Android M. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to whats sweet about this latest flavor of world’s most Popular Mobile OS.


5. App Permissions



App permissions are divided into 8 easy to understand categories and rather than making you accept all the permissions at once when an app is downloaded, now you’ll get a pop-up of any permission required when you use that feature. For an example if you’ve to send a voice note on whatsapp to a friend, when you click on the mic icon, a Pop-up will be shown asking you to give whatsapp permission to use the Phone’s Microphone. However Apple has been managing permissions in this way since a long time with iOS.


4. Android Pay


Since the arrival of Google Wallet, the Search engine giant has been struggling with NFC payments. So with this new release of Android they gave a new name to the so called Google Wallet and hence Android Pay is born. There’s a better synchronization with Fingerprint Sensors in Payments as well as the general OS. Now you can use fingerprints for buying Burgers from McDonald’s to downloading apps from Play Store. Android Pay will be preainstalled on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile devices and it will be accepted in 700,000 stores in the US.

3. Miscellaneous Improvements


They say Small things makes Big changes, And Google for sure knows it very well. This section includes all noteworthy small changes and tweaks that comes with Android M.

If you copy a piece of text on Android M, you’ll be able to Mark it word by word, which previously happened so rapid that users either exceeded the desired text or copied less.

The App tray now scrolls Horizontally in an Alphabetical list manner rather than those vertical Pages. And you can choose four favorite apps, which’ll be showcased above the list. Personally speaking Google messed with the app tray last year, and this year is no exception.

Volume Toggle is finally fixed with Android M, which frustrated a lot of Android Fanboys. Now you are no longer restricted to change system volume only when pressing volume key, you can toggle between Music, Noticifications, Alerts etc.

USB-Type C support, which now means faster charging and charging other devices by your Phone.

And Last but not the least Google added a Handy Do Not Disturb toggle in the Notification Tray.

2. Doze


Stand by time has always been a problem with Android Devices. Sleeping with 98% and waking up with a 81%? Frustrated Right? Well with Android M this won’t be a problem anymore. Android M will use the Accelerometer and Gyroscope to know when your Phone/Tablet is idel, and it’ll cut down the Background activities and slow down App refresh rates to increase battery life on Stand-by. It’s a great feature if Google handles delivering Notifications well.


1. Google Now on Tap


Google has always been the best at Providing the right information at the right time, and with Google now on Tap, The best is getting Better! With Google Now on Tap you can just hold the home button anywhere on the Phone and google now will pop up showing relative information about what you’re looking for. For example you get a text message from a friend Samantha “Hey, wanna come watch tommorowland tonight at 8?” Now instead of closing the messages app, and going to search for tommorowland’s ratings, all you need to do is hold the home button on the message page and Google will automatically analyse that information and show you the ratings of the movie you’re going to watch. Still not impressed? Well, Google will also make a Google now Card asking a reminder to watch Tommorowland with Samantha at 8 PM tonight! Now this is a Game Changing new addition to what might be called a Boring release, Android M.

Milkshake/M&M/Muffin/MalaiKulfi? Whatever the Name might be, Android M is Definitely the sweetest Android, Period. Android M’s Developer Preview is launched Today and the final Release will be out til the end of 2015! Till then, #Peace

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